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Three Pianos - Six Hands - One Performance

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Sponsor the annual Three Pianos - Six Hands - One Performance at the McCallum Theatre and be part of an amazing performance.

Every year we put together a brand new show, with different past winners and a different program. Low income students and families receive free tickets. Please help us give the joy of classical and cross-over piano to the community.

Your donation includes premier ticket/s to the performance and an invitation to the donor reception.

Dear Friends of The Waring,

We are excited to bring you the most dazzling Waring season ever, starting with our widely acclaimed "Three Pianos - Six Hands" performance at the McCallum Theatre on Tuesday, November 14, 2017.Once again, our talented duo, Artistic Director John Bayless and Producer Michael Davis, are putting together unique and wonderfully exciting arrangements for three pianos.

Our three extraordinarily talented young pianists Tanya Karyagina, Stephanie Ng, and Eunkyung Yoon, all Waring Competition Winners, will be ready and eager to perform for you on November 14th.

Anticipation is fun, but right now we could really use your support in underwriting some of the "Three Pianos - Six Hands" expenses.Your active participation now will make your attendance at this incredible evening even more special, knowing that you helped make it possible. Since simple is always better, we have enclosed an "Underwriting Opportunities" list with lots of choices, and a pre-addressed return envelope.Just fill in the blanks at the end of the Opportunities list and choose between a check or credit card.It's easy and relatively painless and we will be forever grateful!

Please consider supporting The Waring's "Three Pianos - Six Hands" now and then join us on November 14th and enjoy the Art of the Piano at its very best!

With warmest regards,

Sandra Cooper Woodson


You can underwrite all or a portion of these expenses:

  • Three Pianos musical arrangements (unlimited) $1,000
  • Production Fee and License Expenses $6,500
  • Musical Scores $1,000
  • Staging Expenses $12,000
  • Piano Artists Honoraria $4,500
  • Airfare Piano Artists $3,000
  • Piano Rental & Tuning $2,000
  • Video Taping Performance $2,000
  • Photography $450
  • Palm Springs Life Print and Digital Ads $8,000
  • Flyers $1,100
  • Radio Ads KUSC $2,500 for 10 spots
  • Desert Sun 1/4 Page Ad $800 each (need at least 10)
  • TV Spots $3,000
  • Rehearsal Expenses $1,000
  • Student, Teacher & Senior Tickets (gratis) $5,000